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"There are no strangers here; only friends
you haven't yet met."
            William Butler Yeats

Ancient Order of Hibernians --Savannah



Irish Savannah Ghosts

Irish Savannah History, Ghosts, Music, Dance, Festivals, Pubs, Traditions

A Celtic Triskelion motion symbol

Irish Savannah History, Ghosts and Traditions begins in 1734 when a storm-battered ship carrying 40 starving Irish servants arrives at Savannah.  Georgia founder, James Oglethorpe,
breaks with the Georgia charter to allow Catholics into Savannah. 

Discover Irish-Savannah in the 1800s during the potato famine and the Irish diaspora to  Savannah. See where Irish longshoremen and "iron men" lived and worked. Learn about Savannah's Irish priests and the Sisters who aided the poor.  Listen to the stories of Irish Savannah Ghosts and the stories of young and  old -- past and present -- stories that range from the mysterious to the  hilarious. Experience Irish Savannah in 2013 by attending the Savannah Irish Festival, visit the historic pubs of Irish Savannah and attend Irish music sessions on the Savannah River. Meet the Irish of Savannah. You'll never forget us. Stay tuned for updates, interviews, and more in your Irish Savannah.


                                               Walk Savannah's hidden Irish pathways.

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